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11) Counter Section

The theme allows you to display 1-4 counters under the Counter Section. To configure the counter section follow these steps:

Configure In Advance Counter Section

  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.
  • Go to Home Sections > Counter Section.
  • Set ‘Disable Section‘ to ‘No‘ if you wish to disable Counter Section in your home page else set the option to ‘Yes‘.
  • Set the Counter Section sub-title under the ‘Sub Title‘ textarea field.
  • Set the Counter Section title under the ‘Title‘ text field.
  • Choose on Text Alignment
  • Select the Counter Items
  • Set Box Shadow to ‘No‘ if you wish to show box shadow in your home page else set the option to ‘Yes‘.
  • Set the title for the counter(1-4) in the ‘Title’ textfield.
  • Set the counter no. for the counter(1-4) in ‘Counter Value’ textfield.
  • Select the icon of your choice for the counter(1-4) from the Counter Icon drop-down list.
  • Choose Counter Icon
  • Write the Counter Title, Counter Number, Counter Suffix and Alignment
  • Once done, click on the ‘Save & Publish‘ button.
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